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Entry #3

Concept pics

2009-08-09 02:20:18 by kreal-84

Here's another concept drawing....

Concept pics


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2009-08-19 01:23:45

What's this guy name?

(Updated ) kreal-84 responds:

This's the Hunter (aka) Ken. Sorry it took so long to respond.


2009-09-22 00:50:53

if it were in your gallery, i'd give it 9 stars. I like the proportions. any weapons? and what will his colors be?Only suggestion is to watch hiding your hands in fists; they look small. I used to draw a chunk of characters with their hands in their pockets.

(Updated ) kreal-84 responds:

Thanks man! I'm not sure what colors his uniform is going to be or if he'll even have weapons. I'd like to think that he has extra masks in those pouches because I'm sure that'll be the first thing to get fucked up in a fight. Lol! That's actually what I'm stuck on right now, besides not having a scanner. I see what you mean about the fist because I thought the same thing at the time but they looked kind of weird when I drew them bigger so I shrunk them back down. I'll have it in my gallery once I get a scanner and add some color to him. Thanks for the love man!!


2009-12-05 02:49:35

im poking you * poke* because you gave no life signs recently ....

(Updated ) kreal-84 responds:

*Blurp!* Whoa!! What the hell! *COUGH, COUGH* I'm up now, sorry! Lol!!


2010-02-20 02:23:05

poking you again ....*poke* and i just noticed you havent made ecchi or hentai pics yet, but thats okay i can barely live with the shame of making some myself....

....but boobs pics made over 9k pageviews...

( its ...its over 9000!!!! )(lol)(^^) <----( retard moment)

no seriously, make something new ;3 i wanna see how you progressed ^^

kreal-84 responds:

I know, man, I know! I've been wanting to do something new as well but between my new hours at work, taking care of my boy, and my PS3(Lol) it's hard to find the time. Don't worry though, you're not the only one to get in my ass about getting something new up. I'll work on something sooner or later and once I do, I'll let you know. Thanks for checking in man! I didn't even think anyone still looked at my page!